JOK PUB se spécialise dans la confection d’écussons pour tous les usages. Les écussons peuvent-être tissés, brodés, transfert ou bien en PVC :





De plus, il existe différentes options possibles pour le dos de l’écusson :


When the patch being created a in is placed inside the layers of backing, twill and thread, allowing the patch to be used as a pin or brooch. This is ideal for frequent location changes, such as hand bags or different jackets for different times of the year.


Easily removable, versatile, and less permanent than other backings, tape backing is great for when you need a quick option for a costume or outfit. As the Adhesive backing is very Convenient, so the most popular and familiar backing for embroidered patches is adhesive backing. and the background process is very simple. Although Adhesive backing is the best choice for you, it has its disadvantage if you want to use it for a long time.


A rigid plastic backing is added to your patches. This provides additional support for your patch, which means that even after continuous use, they will maintain their shape. Plastic backing adds stiffness and support to the patch, allowing it to remain flat over time.


Patches without backings do not have the same thickness or stiffness as patches with backings; therefore, The best time to order No Backing patches is to sew them to clothing or other types of fabrics The back of your patch will be exposed and no backing will be applied during splicing. Patches with no backing are very flexible and lightweight.


Used to tem onto porarily adhere the patch a garment or bag.


It’s a fast and easy way to attachment. Just put the patch on the clothing and cover it with a thin wet towel to prevent scalding. Then take the iron on the patch for 15-30 seconds until it is fully seated. Iron on backing provides an easy way to attach patches to almost any type of material. A standard home iron with a temperature of 302oF can be used to connect iron blocks for 5-8 seconds When you use ironing support on a patch, you only receive temporary security because it does not last long and we do not recommend using a hot press to apply the hot stamp. Iron On backings are perfect for ceremonial and casual wear, but never use it for any type of practice or training. As you know iron on backings are mainly used to safely place the patch during the sewing process so iron on backing is not the best you want to use it for active lifestyle purposes